Chrome Bookmarks Sorter

(08-Aug-2011) Application has been updated to add a check-box that allows you to exclude the bookmarks bar from sorting.

(23-Sep-2010) Application has been updated to support all builds of Chromium using the same bookmark file format. A new download link is below. Use the two new buttons in the interface to specify a custom path, or reset it to the default Google Chrome location.

(10-Apr-2009) Application has been featured on Lifehacker.  Welcome Lifehackers!

(10-Apr-2009) Whoops: The build process failed to bundle the right assemblies with the exe… so I’ve attached an updated version, below.  If you had an error when trying to run this, please re-download!

I’ve had this one sat on my hard-drive for a while now, it’s a simple utility that sorts Chrome’s bookmarks by user-selected parameters.  In a recent development build of Chrome, the developers added a “Reorder by title” option to the Bookmark Manager, but it doesn’t sort recursively, and only allows the one option.  So, here’s something a little more.

I make no guarantees for it working, provide no warranties, or anything.  If it screws up your computer, or whatever, I’m not responsible.  This is strictly “it works fine on my machine”-software!

Simply run the application, sort your bookmarks, and re-start Chrome.  Requires .NET Framework v3.5.

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